Appendix to the Gorillas Manifesto


Why I Posted On My Site

The following are additional support documents to the document “The Gorilla Manifesto”. I refuse to post these images on social media as they could be taken down.

Instead, this is my own personal website, where I know the images can’t be taken down or altered. I can remove them at will or host them forever.

I don’t have the time to catalog all the screenshots, photos, videos and such from my time at Getir. I don’t have anything from my time at Gorillas because… well, they didn’t give me any problems!

But, just so you know, like the Geritian you train me to be, I am “being real” and I’m “speaking my mind”. So please listen and look… even it is’ “not easy”

I would put up a menu, but I want to make Kori work. So, scroll Kori. You know how to do that right? Take your thumb, push it upwards and it rolls UP! You can do it, Kori. I believe in you!

(Or use the mouse, Kori. You’re viewing this from your computer? Do it, my friend. Scrolling is FREE!)

Appendix #1

Jul 18, 2023 – One of many orders that overflow the Getir trunk so much, that I have to take my time unloading things and hope that the heavier load is the first order.

Appendix #2

The day was November 12, 2023. It was a busy day at the shop. However, there was an issue. Batteries were consistently red and orders were coming in. We were doing a lot of batches.

To subsidize the lack of batteries, we decided to try to go offline one bit at a time to give orders to people who got longer chargers while we figured out a way to do our jobs more efficiently.

Kori wasn’t working that day, but he wasn’t having it and made this accouncement during group chat.

He didn’t give us solutions, or offer words of encouragement, he just barked orders.

Appendix #3

The Flat tire

On August 27, the last order of the day, I got a flat tire.

Meta Data of the Flat tire

As you can see via the location, I was far away from the store.

My pleas in the group chat…

This was the week I had to move out of my roommates and move to Peekskill. By the time to 42nd and 3rd Ave, I would miss the train because the last one was scheduled for 1:50 AM.

I’m sorry… but record day, man…

On this day, I slept for three hours and went back out, tired and half-dazed.

Appendix #4

My texts to Kori about the COVID matter.

While I didn’t have Covid, the entire experience of talking to him turned me off that I decided not to come in.

This would be the first time he wrote me up during my career at Getir, but after the PTO issue, I started to care less about the job.

Appendix #5

Using my knowledge of Google Drive and web apps in general, I managed to give them a hyposis while I was out on a ride. As you can see from the screenshot below, I was correct. However, problems were recurring, so Kori switched from the form to the present-day WhatsApp solution.

Why this wasn’t part of the MDU’s workflow, I’ll never know.

Appendix #6

A night in July, this screenshot popped up on all the MDU phones. These screenshots were later deleted, setting a path to start locking down the phones, making sure that this wouldn’t be a repeat incident.

Locking down the phones actually introduced more problems, but we are not going to cover that here.

The Instagram account, which is still active, uploaded 5 photos. Three of Kori, two of Ivory. The account also suggests that Ivory’s mother is in the know of Kori & Ivory’s relationship.

Sidenote: I was trained by Irovy’s mother and didn’t make the connection until October when Irvoy introduced me to her mother via video chat while she was in the store.

It was an awkward conversation.

Appendix #7

Ivory (or her boyfriend at the time) decided to send out a text message chain between her and Kori. While I would say these are “allegedly” between her and Kori (and I’ll still say that it is), she mentioned Kori’s name.

I decided to confront her about this, but in her messages to me, she just said this:

I kept the text messages because I found this unusual behavior, especially when it’s work related. This along with the Instagram screenshot connected.

Appendix #8

This is Ivory’s favorite drink. Hard Ice Tea. It’s 24 onunces, so the good news is – she’s not stealing from the store stock!

She tried hiring it, but she started to care less and less as time went on.

The reason you don’t see her drink on property is simple: she drinks in the one area we all know that don’t have cameras, the hallway where schedules + the little bit of new Kori cares to post about the company in front of the restrooms.

BTW, not my biggest complaint, but both restrooms are single toilet restrooms. There are no female-related products in the women’s restroom, so technically, there shouldn’t be gendered bathrooms. The only reason there is one is because one is smellier than the other, so men that are cleaner than others have to take the punishment of using a smelly bathroom.

Kori DOESN’T use the bathroom downstairs. He gets his own.

Appendix #9

Before – Sept 9th

We had plenty of batteries. However, being overworked, that means we don’t get enough charges from the morning shift to last us long, unless business is slow.

After – Nov 27th

Yet somehow, we got LESS batteries and chargers on my last day.

BTW, I didn’t purposely took a picture on my last day knowing that it’s my last day. It was me documenting the changes since I realized I didn’t took a picture since Sept.

Appendix #10

And now, a collection of bikes breaking down while we do our shifts.

And that’s a warp! Would you like to see some more evidence?

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