Excited to Work with You!

Thanks for choosing me as your creative partner! To ensure a seamless workflow and prioritize our well-being, here’s a quick overview of how I typically operate. With over 20 years of experience, I’ve primarily worked with small businesses, artists, and creators, giving me a diverse perspective.

Streamlined Communication (and Sanity!):

As a one-person team managing various projects, I prioritize clear communication to avoid any confusion – for both of us! It’s important to establish healthy boundaries to avoid burnout, so let’s work together to create a balanced and efficient workflow.

Phone Calls:

Due to my schedule, phone consultations require scheduling in advance. Please visit my website or use the link in my email signature to book a convenient time slot. For faster note-taking, phone consultations utilize Google Meets. Urgent, time-sensitive matters requiring immediate attention, such as two-factor authentication issues, are the only exceptions for phone communication.


Email is my preferred communication method for its ability to track changes, maintain security, and centralize communication.

For brief updates or reminders, text messages are acceptable. However, to ensure conversation continuity, please use WhatsApp or Signal (choose one). Since I primarily use an Android device, SMS or iMessage compatibility might be limited.

Project Access:

Project needs may dictate additional access requests. However, at minimum, I’ll require access to your hosting space and CMS (Content Management System).

Access Options:

  1. Preferred: A new user/password with admin or editor access to your hosting account.
  2. Alternative: Your main user/password with temporary two-factor authentication (TFA) removal during the project. Remember to strongly re-enable TFA upon project completion.

Content Management:

Your Responsibility:

  • Timely content delivery is essential. While I strive for the best possible presentation, your vision for the content remains paramount.
  • I’ll correct grammatical errors whenever possible, but comprehensive error detection isn’t guaranteed.
  • Royalty-free placeholder images may be used. I’ll notify you if any are not free for commercial use.
  • Copyright ownership of all provided content rests with you.

Main Point of Contact:

Please designate a single point of contact for all project-related communication if there are multiple decision-makers.

By establishing these clear guidelines, we can ensure a successful and efficient collaborative experience, while also prioritizing mental well-being throughout the process. Let’s get started!